Reservation Management & Call Center


No more missed revenue

Calls go unanswered and emails with enquiries pile up in the inbox. Unfortunately, this is often the case, especially in smaller hotels, because resources are limited. UNISONO provides a remedy and offers a complete reservation service including call centre, so that you can fully exploit your sales potential and inspire your guests already during the booking process.

Our employees all come from the hotel business and look after your house as if they were on site with you. Our experts also take care of the maintenance and distribution of your rates and availabilities in the booking portals, so that you can fully dedicate yourself to your guests.


Our Promise

  • Constant availability of our reservation service six days a week (Monday – Saturday) from 08.00 – 18.00h (Saturday 09.00h – 16.00h).
  • You will only be looked after by a small pool of staff who know your house and the surrounding area as if they were personally there.
  • Above-average guest satisfaction (ongoing guest surveys of our hotels show an average satisfaction rate of 95% for reservation management)
  • Consultations are made in at least four languages (German, French, English, Italian)
  • Calls are answered in the name of your hotel (local telephone number of your hotel)
  • Our core competence is individual hotels, we know your requirements and your guests very well and know what is important
  • No lost days and no loss of know-how due to fluctuation, illness or holiday absences
  • No long-term obligations on your part thanks to short notice periods
  • Attractive pricing models taking into account your workload
  • Our employees all work on site in the support centre – this ensures smooth communication within the team
  • We adopt your standards (SOP)

This is how it works

  • We work directly in your PMS system via cloud or VPN access. This way we have access to the guest files and recognise your regular guests.
  • Reservation calls are answered by our staff on behalf of your hotel
  • All correspondence is done in the name of your hotel (e-mail, etc.)
  • We are in close contact with your staff on site (daily booking report, etc.)
  • Our staff spend at least two days at your hotel to get to know the hotel, your team and the environment
  • All data is processed and stored exclusively in your systems


We charge a small set-up fee for the training of staff, depending on the amount of work involved. In any case, we only charge the cost price.


Price example for a 25-room hotel, occupancy 55%, 1.5 nights average length of stay

CHF 1’395.- / month (€ 1’255.-) excl. VAT.

Contact us for a personal discussion and an individual offer. The prices depend on the number of rooms, the occupancy rate and the length of stay of your guests. Based on these empirical values, we agree on a monthly advance payment, which is reviewed on a quarterly basis.


We will be happy to take over your entire telephone switchboard during the specified presence times, forwarding calls to the relevant contact persons or answering the most common questions of your guests. This service is only available in connection with reservation management. Ask us for an individual offer.

what our customers say

“The cooperation with UNISONO Hospitality as a reservation centre in five of our hotels brings us administrative relief so that we can focus more on our guests. Through their competent advice and professional and friendly demeanour, our guests are very well advised and looked after all round. We look forward to continuing to grow with UNISONO in the future.”
Wiebke Kuhlmei, COO Candrian Hotels

“We work with UNISONO Hospitality in the areas of reservation management, distribution and digital marketing, which works smoothly and brings a striking relief for the hotel team. Thanks to the professional back office team, which knows our hotel very well and was personally on site, our guests are advised very competently. This is also reflected in the high satisfaction rate during the reservation process. All enquiries are answered on behalf of our hotel, which sets UNISONO apart from other hotel service providers.” Johannes Sommer, Operations Manager Hotel Bären, Gonten