Interim Management

for Hotel and Restaurant Businesses

Short-term management vacancies...

… are not a problem for us. We have a large pool of interim managers to ensure 

  • A smooth operation
  • Enhanced operating results through ongoing improvements
  • Transparency in all areas
  • Stability in the team on-site
  • The development and implementation of restructuring measures (if desired)
  • Optimal training of the new management
  • New impulse

UNISONO supports you!

  • with the recruiting process
  • with the new or re-positioning
  • long-term as board member

A bankruptcy has serious consequences

Your real estate value is at risk and you  might face high investment costs:

  • Qualified employees are leaving the company
  • Important client contacts get lost (and so are already confirmed bookings)
  • Operating licenses must be obtained again (investment risk)
  • Damage to reputation if the business has to close

UNISONO Interim Management Insolvenz


By efficiently taking over the business within a very short time, we secure the preservation of its value and make it attractive for a future tenant or buyer. Two scenarios are possible:

Transitional company

UNISONO takes on part of the operational risk and acts as a transitional company until a sustainable solution is found. We take over operations with our company within a few days and manage it as long as necessary (at least 6 months) until the sale or lease has been successful.

Interim management

UNISONO selects a competent manager who will run the company on your behalf (at least 2 months). Upon request, we will accompany you in the optimization and search for a long-term solution.


  • Hotel and catering operators
  • Real estate owner/administrator
  • Credit institutions
  • Bankruptcy officials and deputies