Optimization & turnaround

Operational analyses, action planning, implementation

Qualitative and quantitative operational optimization

We are at your service to

  • sustainably improve business success
  • counteract the closure of a hotel/restaurant
  • carry out a detailed analysis of all areas
  • uncover optimization potential
  • implement goal-oriented measures

We offer you

  • Yield analysis and optimization
  • Cost analyses and optimization
  • Action plans for a sustainable improvement in earnings
  • Coaching and support during implementation
  • Health check quality
  • Health check positioning
  • Health check finance

A valuable view from the outside

Especially in difficult situations, a view from outside the company is valuable to identify and implement potential for improvement without emotions. Often companies get into difficulties because old structures have been maintained too long, but reality has changed.
Margins in our industry are very low, so inefficient processes, high employee turnover or poor quality, to name just a few examples of possible causes, have a direct and noticeable effect on the success of the company. In the worst case, a company is no longer “viable” and has to close down.




Not only do we have many years of experience in the management of hotels and restaurants, but we also have the necessary financial and strategic competence to successfully optimize your business. We understand your challenges not only in theory, but from over 30 years of operational experience.