Strategy development & market positioning

We make your hotel stand out

Only those who know and choose the right path will achieve their goals

Developing a hotel strategy doesn’t have to be expensive – but not having one can put your company at great risk. Constant pressure from the competition, ever-changing guest behavior, operating beyond ones capacity and a globalized world challenge hotel and restaurant operators every day.

Our goal and our job is to make you stand out and to ensure your success in the long term.

How it works, our strategy

Analyses of the overall situation

Our first step is to develop and expand the base of information which is necessary for goal-oriented strategic decisions. We will reveal opportunities and potential threats as well analyze strengths and weaknesses of your hotel company. Through the use of a tried and true SWOT analysis we will create the basis for your strategy development. Strengths and weakness are frequently internally-related, while opportunities and threats commonly focus on the external environment.

Strategic direction

Once we know these external influencing factors as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company, we define the strategic direction, i.e. the basic framework within which strategies can be developed. These include:

  • Mission / vision
  • Corporate policy
  • Strategic goals

Strategy formulation and evaluation 

Following the decision of where we want to go in the strategic direction, come the how, our chosen path. The strategies will be created using the required resources of the company to shape the market position in such a way that sustainable competitive advantages arise. Do you offer exceptional services for which customers are willing to pay an elevated price or do you achieve a higher perception of value for money because you have more efficient processes and therefore lower costs than your competitors? We will show you possible strategies in this and other areas and evaluate them based on your target effectiveness.

Strategy implementation

Once specific strategies have been confirmed and chosen, we support you in implementing the specific measures. Only the coordinated alignement of the entire company with the common strategy enables successfull implementation. Good ideas often fail precisely at this point, because it is important to adapt structures and systems to the desired changes and to align the requirements for day-to-day business with strategic priorities. Employees must understand and support the strategy, goals and internal processes must be checked and adjusted where necessary, concrete measures will be planned, carried out, checked and corrected where necessary. The advantages of UNISONO will become apparent precisely in this phase. Not only do we develop your strategy on paper, but thanks to our many years of practical experience we also have the necessary skills to implement it in your company.