Digital Marketing

Strategy and implementation

Always visible

With digital marketing, you reach people where they spend their time. The internet has become an integral part of everyday life, conducting searches, checking social media and making online bookings. When competing with large hotel chains, digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your target group directly and personally. You can easily track campaigns and constantly optimise them to achieve the best possible result.
Moreover, digital marketing is an important and fundamental part of communicating with your guests, which has an impact on guest satisfaction.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks offer digital marketing particularly interesting opportunities to reach and communicate with the target group. Social networks can be used to increase reach, build trust with guests and attract new guests. What you can expect from us

  • Management of your social media profiles
  • Strategic social media planning
  • Content planning and implementation
  • Campaign planning, control and evaluation

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is a specific form of direct marketing. It allows you to specifically address selected guests and send them selected content and information directly. We help you

  • choose the right target group approach
  • prepare your e-mail campaign
  • send it out and
  • provide you with a detailed report

Website Support

Your website is your digital business card. In order to have the highest possible presence on the web, there are a few things to consider. An attractive website with up-to-date content is almost as important as correctly defined keywords. We always

  • publish content and
  • increase your visibility through SEO/SEA

Search Engine Marketing

With the help of Search Engine Advertising (SEA for short)

  • we increase the reach and visibility of your web presence

This has the effect that your revenue increases and you can receive new guests